ROAR Online Publication Software

If you publish a newspaper, magazine or online publication then ROAR Online Publication Software is the answer for running your publication website.

ROAR is perfect for publications of any size and it's loaded with powerful features and controls designed to provide the professional look and functionality you need to stand out from the competition.


Design says everything about your publication, whether good or bad. A well designed website is crucial for the success of your publication, as it draws readers and advertisers alike, whereas a poorly designed site can undermine your best efforts.

Many online publications do not provide their visitors with a pleasant place to "hang out", instead their sites are a tangled mess of poorly designed menus, garish advertisements, and ill-conceived layout.

When contemplating the design features ROAR would incorporate, our team researched leading publication websites to culminate an array of sleek, sophisticated and modern elements that would set your site, and publication, apart.

You no longer have to sacrifice design for functionality. Why not have it all... with ROAR we've achieved the perfect balance of elegance and power.

User Friendly and Efficient

Over time, you'll invest hundreds of hours of staff time, not to mention countless dollars to produce your online content. Therefore, the online publication software you use must be easy to navigate and help reduce labor-intensive and out-dated staff procedures that drive up your costs.

ROAR is highly intuitive, user friendly, and eliminates the inefficiencies and repetitive tasks found in other publication software, which means more money in your pocket. It simplifies processes, streamlines procedures, and gives you a beautiful online presence.

Fast and Secure

ROAR uses a platform that achieves superior performance because it is high-level and optimized. This means the amount of code interpreted in a single page request is rarely high so complex web pages can be processed in as little as 15 milliseconds delivering performances similar to compiled C or C++ applications.

ROAR incorporates secure-by-default architecture. This is not possible when integration with HTML is not a part of the language. Web applications built with other languages often place the burden of security on the programmer, who does not always have the ability to keep up on the latest security measures. Our solution offers a built in safety net because the security is inherent in the engine that powers it.


Today, publication websites must be interactive to survive, and thrive. It's no longer enough to simply publish your content online without eliciting participation from readers to keep them engaged. Interactivity drives traffic to your site and boosts your rankings with search engines, in turn drawing more readers, increasing circulation and advertising, and ultimately revenue.

One of ROAR's key interactive features is the ability for readers to post comments on your articles, effectively turning every story into a blog. Websites powered by ROAR contain a mechanism allowing readers to share your articles and interact with every major social network (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) Interactivity is the key to success for today's online publications.

Search Engine Friendly

The term "search engine friendly" may be used to describe website designs, menus, content management systems, images, videos, shopping carts, and other elements that have been optimized for the purpose of search engine exposure.

ROAR was designed from start to finish to be search engine friendly because it is a crucial element in any content management system. By catering to Google's preferences and specifications, ROAR delivers optimal search engine exposure.

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